I dislike two things:

depression and exercise.

I heard on NPR a few days ago that if you have the one and do the other, they cancel each other out. I'm trying. But I really, really dislike exercise.

Two funny stories, though.

1. Rode my bike to Target with Dave. When we started peddling, I ran into a pole, straight on, in slowmo.
2. We came across a really steep hill and Dave said, "Watch this!" He got half way and then couldn't keep going and looked up at me and said, "Cool, huh?" I love him! He made me laugh so hard.

I want to make Richard proud. The NPR program said I had to try for four months for it to make a difference. One day down.
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Wow! Updates!

We made this. That should tell you a bit about our lives right now.

Other things:

1| We moved to SLC. Good things: Flash, Lily, River, Target, Costco. Bad things: Missing Jonah, Haylie and the fam, no more Ana's (just as summer started, too), missing friends (especially Katie and Bennett!).

2| We are going to Uganda! And the same note we are doing fundraisers to help the people there. Please see details here: http://seeeme.org/donate.html. Look at how cheap it is to help orphans!

Plus, everyone who donates gets an awesome water buffalo picture! (Drawn by a ten-year-old at Byana Mary Hill Orphanage and mixed up by me.)

3| Ah, that is about it. So, "el fin."
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My wife and i are a perfect fit. She compliments me and I her. She helps me remember everything, I help her remember how awesome she is.
She has great spiritual insights. I am grateful for her new resolve to spiritually redecorate our house. I love her.
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Our latest project . . .

a deck of floating face cards. They have been produced and should be here soon. I know, David is well on his infomercial way. That is one of the reasons I love him!

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My New Secretary

Dave, Kathryn, and I went to the DI on Friday. It turns out that the Sugar House DI is far superior to the one we have in Logan: more items, cheaper prices and cooler things. Kathy spotted an amazing secretary (which she wanted, but had no room for, but I still feel bad) and I jumped on it. It was a little harder to talk Dave into purchasing it (he had a good case, I have a very hard time finishing projects...).

Sadly for Him, every old, sassy, (and occasionally sweet) woman in the building swarmed around him to put pressure on him to let me buy it. Comments such as, "That thing is $15 and you won't let her buy it?!" to "Oh, that is amazing! It will be an heirloom for sure," were all directed to my poor husband. Even the DI guy started writing the sold slip before Dave even agreed. When David finally conceded, (as if they would have let him say "no") a round of applause burst from the basement of the Sugar House DI.

It was beautiful, and so is the secretary.

The back is come kind of horrible lumber. I think I will have to replace that, just so it is perfect.

Here it is in its open state. (Notice the pencil holder on the bottom right? I love the small details.)

A detail shot of the carving.

The handles are all beautiful as well.

And here it is closed.

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My New Favorite Hobby

See it on my blog, here
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this post will probably mean nothing to you

I have a question about my jade plant and needed to link to an image. (So people on a gardening site could reference this photo in regards to my question. So you can just ignore this or rejoice in the fact that I have a new plant.)

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